Thursdays with Leonardo.

Thursdays, this semester, are pretty great.  I wake up super-early, around 6:00 am.  Then I pick-up M at 6:30.  I drive him to the school where he works, then I drive to the school where I work.  Two hours later, we’re both done with the morning shift.  I back track, pick him up, and drop him off at his place.  This is our routine Monday through Friday.  Thursdays are different though because after all the driving and waking up early and dealing with kindergardeners, I get to go home and chill.  I only have one class and its not til 11:30…and get this, I actually like this class.

I’m taking High Renaissance Art.  I love art history, and the professor is great.  He’s one of only 5 or 6 Michelangelo scholars in the world.  I have no idea how you become a Michelangelo scholar, but I don’t care.  He knows his stuff, and he speaks with inflection in his voice, like he actually cares, CARES, about the subject he’s teaching.  Right now he’s lecturing on da Vinci.  Da Vinci, as it turns out, is completely, mind blowingly, amazing.  His drawings are so…fluid?  They look effortless, and yet there’s no denying the amount of study that went into them.  He did portraits, anatomical sketches, military designs, crazy inventions, plant life, and water studies.

Anyway, after class I have nothing else I have to do all day.  Sure, I have a ton of work to do, and a paper due on Monday, and I need to get out the swiffer and do battle with the dusty wood floors in my apartment.  But honestly, I’ll probably cook something instead, or do some yoga.  Both of which will be a start to making good on yesterday’s post.


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