Favorite things: February

Here are a few of my favorite things.  To achieve “favorite thing” status, something fulfill certain criteria… said favorite thing must:

1) increase my general quality of life- if something makes me feel bad about myself, stresses me out, costs me a lot more than I want to spend, or requires unwanted responsibilities, it shall not be awarded “favorite thing” status.

2) Be beautiful (beauty takes many forms, and is proverbially, in the eye of the beholder (meaning me). 🙂

3) Be a part of my life on a daily, or at least weekly, basis.  If its something that I use infrequently, well then I’m probably not comfortable enough with said thing to deem it a favorite.

4) Must be associated with calm, peaceful feelings.  The thing should be comforting.

*Obviously, I don’t really think about all these things when deciding whether or not I like something.  But as it turns out, all of my favorite things fulfill these criteria.

Without further ado, here’s favorites for February…

One: Essie nail polish in Lacquered Up. I love the bright color, probably because it makes me look girly even when I’m wearing my boyfriend jeans, grey zipper hoodie, and hat with the earflaps.  Hidden bonus: it keeps me from chewing on my nails…for the most part and makes me look like a jcrew model. (ha!)

Two: Bare Minerals Make-up stored in purple satin bag. I LUUUUUV Bare Minerals, I’ve been wearing it since I was fifteen and wised up to the fact that drug-store quality liquid foundation with lip smackers just wasn’t for me…is it for anyone?  I kind of think no…except  for the Lip Smakers…I still love the mango lip balm…oh and the strawberry gloss…Anyway, Bare Minerals “foundation” goes on so fast (like in five minutes before I head out the door).  It looks perfectly natural and has SPF 15 to boot.  I usually brighten up my cheeks with a dusting of ___ blush and finish off my “look” (yeah right) with a few swipes of their black mascara.  Its the perfect make-up for a not-so-girly minimalist.  And the bag, well that just makes me feel elegant.  Plus it cost me like 7 bucks and who doesn’t love a steal?

Three: Cherry Pie Larabars.  I love all Larabars.  I really don’t discriminate.  However, this month I’ve been partial to the Cherry Pie flavor.  Dates, Almonds, and dried cherries, nothing more…also appeals to my inner-minimalist.

What are your favorite things that get you through the dreary days of February?


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