Facing Fears Week One: 2/31-3/6

Here’s a quick update on my success in facing my fears.  This week I did amazingly well.  I’ve been on Spring Break, so I’ve had more time + energy to dedicate to facing my fears, but STILL.  I did three things that made me varying degrees of scared.

Here they are in order of increasing anxiety…

1)I learned to ride a bike again.  M got me a bike for Christmas.  I haven’t ridden much since then because the weather has been snowy, wet, and freezing.  But now that its warm and almost spring-like (!) I had no excuse.  I’m not sure why I was freaking out about this one.  Probably a combination of no riding a bike since I was 12 and not having any private-ish place to practice because I live in the city, oh and the fact that most of my anxieties are irrational anyway.  No matter, I rode, I wobbled, I didn’t fall once, I conquered.  By my third day out riding I decided I needed a bit more of a physical challenge and did a 12 mile hilly ride.  Not fast, mind you, but I did it.  My butt still hurts.

2). I went to a new yoga class at a new studio.  Further, when I got to said studio, and stepped into a HEATED room (thats 90 humid degrees, folks!) with a man doing a handstand (unassisted!), I did not turn around a walk out.  Though I felt out of my league, and completely intimidated by my inexperience I rolled out my mat and made it through 90 sweaty minutes pretty successfully.  I wasn’t the best in the room, but I don’t think I was the worst either.  Not that yoga is a competition or anything.  No, of course not.

3). I applied for a job…at a BAKERY!  I have no idea what will come of it, but I’m more proud of the fact that I applied than worried whether or not I will get the job.  The Bakery is independent, locally owned, and only five minutes from the apartment I’ll be moving into at the beginning of May.  Fingers crossed that this job or another works out.  I’m already stressing about my lack of summer employment.


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