Favorite Things : March

I figured I better go ahead and get this posted before the month is over.  I can’t believe its already the last week of March.  I think the combination of the stuff going on with M, my usual work + school schedule, and all the stressing I’ve been doing about finding summer employment is making the days fly by.  I almost with things would slow down…but then getting this semester and M’s surgery behind us really can’t happen quickly enough.  Regardless, I’m here’s a few things that I’m taking time to enjoy this month.  I’m so grateful to have little things like this.  It really increases my overall happiness to take a few moments and realize that some things in life are, in fact, pretty darn good.  Even when life itself feels pretty damn bad.

1. I got some new kicks.  That is, fabulous Brooks running shoes.  Despite the fact that they’re neon yellow (or maybe green, there so bright its really hard to tell)  I fell in love with these guys the moment I tried them on.  They hug my narrow, high-arched feet so so well.  And, they are a full two ounces lighter than my last pair of running shoes (Saucony’s, which I would have recommended to anyone until I slipped these babies on my feet).  I decided to go with a lighter pair because I’ve been reading a bit lately about the trend toward minimalist running, and since I’m a sucker for anything labeled “natural” or “minimalist,” I had to hop on board. Still, no Five Fingers for me, at least not yet.

2. This is my blue smoothie cup.  With all the long runs I’ve been doing lately, I need good post-run recovery meals.  I usually don’t have an appetite for a few hours after my run, so I’ve been drinking smoothies.  My favorite is a variation on the Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake from Kristen’s Raw.  I omit the hemp seeds (cause they’re dang expensive) and I add about two handfuls of raw spinach (can’t taste it one bit).  This smoothie tastes like a fudge brownie, and its a fruit + veggie power house.  I highly recommend it, especially after an intense work out, when your body needs easily digestible nutrients.

3.  Its March, which means Spring, which means daylight!  I got these as a Christmas gift from my dad.  Yes, I have a freakishly stylish dad.  His taste in clothing is better than my own.  So, I wasn’t shocked when he gifted me this very classy looking pair of shades (check out that awesome black and white detailing on the temple!)  Now that there’s sun I finally get to wear them.  Not that I didn’t wear then all winter.  Its just now I won’t be mistaken for a blind person walking around in the overcast weather wearing my shades.

4. I’m also loving coconut water for rehydrating after long runs, or in the case of this photo, after a little Power Vinyasa Yoga (in a 90 degree room mind you).  I’ve since decided that hot yoga isn’t my favorite thing, but that hasn’t kept me from guzzling this stuff.  Its quite the expensive habit.


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