Facing Fears: 3/21-28

Last week almost passed without me doing anything that really scared me.  It was a week marked by apathy on my part.  M and I were discussing our general apathy about school, even life, right now.  Its not complete apathy, don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure I would be massively depressed if I were feeling complete apathy.  No, I’m just selectively apathetic and generally anxious.  But more on that later…maybe.

Anyway, it was an apathetic week.  I did make a phone call to a local tutoring company to seek summer employment as an english/ACT tutor.  So, that was a fear faced.  I have an interview coming up.  Unfortunately, there’s not much demand for tutors over the summer so its sort of a dead end (despite the great hours and great pay).  Oh well, don’t know if I’ll go through with it or not.  So that was a minor fear (making the phone calls, having a phone interview, etc.).  However, yesterday I did something way more terrifying…and way more exciting.

I signed up for a marathon.

Yeah.  Sort of a snap decision.  I’ve done three half marathons before, but never the full.  Normally, I would go through some sort of uber-training program before attempting a new distance, especially a distance of marathon proportions.  But not this time apparently.

A few weeks ago my brother told me that he was going to switch from running the half to the full.  I thought he was nuts…attempting to “train” for a marathon with only two weeks til race day.  Yeah right, I said.  But then I agreed to accompany him on one of his long runs.  I was only going to do 12-14 miles….but at 12 I was still going strong, and by 14 I was only slightly fatigued.  So, I decided to go another lap around the park, bringing me to a total of 18 miles.  I was exhausted for sure, but I could have kept going.  It felt great.  No cramping, no nausea.  I was hungry, my knees hurt, that was it.

So, that was Saturday.  Sunday I was tired but feeling remarkably well.  I was elated, so elated that after a brief pep talk from my dad I signed-up for the marathon.  Its a bit crazy…but a really huge step for me.  Not only running a marathon, but running a marathon without extensive preparation?  VERY not me.  But I’m doing it…and I’m excited for the race to get here (April 11th).  I know I can finish.  Maybe not super-fast.  But I can do it.  My brother and I did the 18 miler at 8:20 pace, which I know I can hold for at least 20 miles.  After that, I will just gut it out to the end.  6.2 miles is nothing…right/


One Comment on “Facing Fears: 3/21-28”

  1. Hi Sara! I tried to email you about meeting up at the expo but the message was returned to me. I’ll forward it to you if you’ll email me with a good address 🙂 Thanks!

    ryan [at] greensforgood [dot] com

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