Favorite things: May

The month of May has been consumed with finals, applying for jobs, getting ready for M’s surgery, and (because I like a challenge) moving into a new apartment…err…condo.  I will be doing an extended period of house-sitting for the next year.  Thats free livin’ my friends, free livin’.  Anyway, life has been busy and blogging, which is normally low-ish on my list got pushed even further down.  I have about 12 different post ideas though, so hopefully I’ll be posting a lot more in the next weeks.  It is summer after all.

Here’s a (short) list of favorites for this very busy month of May.

1.I was lucky to come across this cook book in the most unexpected of places a few weeks ago.  Laurel’s Kitchen is a wonderful book.  It contains a compilation of vegetarian recipes and detailed analysis of vegetarian nutrition for those looking to develop a more plant-based diet.  Actually, I take that back, I’ve already developed an intensely plant-based diet, and I learned a lot about healthful, nutritionally complete vegetarian eating.  The writers are clearly hippies, but wonderfully so.  All the talk about baking your own bread and saving helpless animals and meditation is charming, even a bit thought provoking?  Go figure.  The author also gives a few introductory chapters to explain where the inspiration for the food, the book, and the vegetarian lifestyle originated….in Laurel’s kitchen it turns out.

2. New cargo pants….in chocolate brown….in my size…on sale…for $10.99.  Nuf said.

3. A beautiful, sunshiny, sparsely furnished living room, with a big window and wood floors.  I’ve died and got to house-sitting heaven.  Seriously, there could be no more perfect place to do yoga.  That, and the minimalist in me, is the reason I’m not moving in anymore furniture.  One sofa and one chair is plenty.  And that room-sized rug?  Its staying rolled up in the corner…so there.


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