Eat your greens

Since I’ve been at the hospital all day, I’ve been doing a lot of snacking in place of meals.  Not my preferred manner of eating.  No big deal (well at least it shouldn’t be, except that I’m a disordered eater, but I don’t really want to talk about that right now.)  Anyway, when I’m in my own kitchen and not a waiting room outside the ICU, I love me some salads.  Salads are really great in the spring and summer months when the temps start to climb, but I crave them almost as much in the winter as well.  Most people think all salads are the same: boring, unfillling, a meal-starter, not a meal in themselves.  But I have become a master of salad combinations.  My salads are tasty and filling.  Here are a few of the salads I’ve been fueling with lately…

The 5 G Salad: massaged kale, sprouted lentils, avocado, broccoli, and cilantro in a orange-tahini dressing.

The Walnut Salad: walnut pate (walnuts, carrots, Bragg’s) on a bed of spinach and massaged kale with Ezekiel tortilla chips on the side.

Sunshine Salad: Grilled Sunshine Burger on a bed of baby greens and kale, topped with roasted sweet potatoes (these are delicious on salads!)…with orange-tanini dressing again.


2 Comments on “Eat your greens”

  1. Koko Berube says:

    Salads are my favorite. l love combining various ingredients at random, depending on what l have on hand, just to see what goes with what. l just got a few new ideas here. Sometimes make a dressing, sometimes a bottled will do, but EVOO & balsamic vinegar are frequent ingredients, just a little brown sugar for sweet and maybe some herbs or minced garlic & onion. Or not. Here in Maine we like tiny newborn baby dandelions (it’s already too late) before they get bitter, maybe fiddleheads drizzled with my dressing & refrigerated. l have learned how to taste something in my mind, to see if it’s even feasible; sometimes l’m wrong, but experimentation keeps life interesting. Even my grandaughter loves salad, especially if she can choose what goes in it.

  2. Cole Jones says:

    Hi S:

    After reading your thoughtful post, I included a link to it on Sunshine Burger’s Facebook page. It set a new record for thumbs up. Congratulations! And thanks for showing our products in such a nice way.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our products. I would also like to send a coveted Sunshine Burger baseball to you to recognize your achievement (and help keep the sun out of your eyes during your marathon training)! You can contact us at

    Cole Jones
    General Manager
    Sunshine Burger

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